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Gmail Filter Benefits Safelisters

 Dec. 1, 2019

All safelist credit emails have their own unique characteristics. Some credit emails have a timer.  Some do not.  Some have an open limit.  Some do not. Some register credit immediately upon clicking the open link. Some do not.

Such unique behaviors from safelist credit emails make it harder to be as efficient as you could be. These specific characteristics require a closer look at organizing the credit emails you get from the various safelists that so many of us have become members.

I know that personally before I started quite recently using this filter, I would find myself  a little confused at times when clicking through the hundreds of emails from so many different safelists.  Since each safelist has its own unique design, especially where the credit link might be located in the email, that alone was making it difficult to acquire a rhythm when opening and locating and clicking on these different credit links.

Getting a rhythm is very important when you are a safelister as it helps you to get through your emails a lot quicker.  Having to open and click on so many different safelist emails did not allow me to get the rhythm i so badly need. Now going through each individual safelist's emails, I find it easier to get my work done a lot more quickly and I feel less stressed.

I also know that there are probably many of you out there already familiar with this approach and I say, good for you. But, for many of you who are not familiar with this approach to using this great Gmail filter, I am hoping I have helped you to learn more about it and that you will benefit, greatly.

If you have any ideas or tips that you would like to share with me that would help to make safelisting more efficient and even fun, send me an email. Just click below my picture in the upper right corner of this article and I will be happy to communicate with you.

Cutting to the chase, Gmail has a filter that you can use that puts specific emails in their own folder, or as they are known in Gmail, labels. Each unique safelist’s credit emails will then go into its own label. This will make it easier and more efficient when opening your credit emails and clicking.

For example, the first thing you want to do is create a label for the specific safelist that you want to put in its own folder. I have three safelists that I put in their own labels.

Here’s what I did:

First, you have to create a LABEL for each safelist. Since I want them to be as close to the top of the list as I can get them for easiest visible access, I title each LABEL.  The triple A puts the labels close to the top of my Gmail directory:

  • AAA Global Safelist
  • AAA Harmony Mails
  • AAA LAS [for Leased Ad Space]

I have created filters for these three safelists because they all have actions I have to take that are distracting and interfere with the other safelists emails I have in my overall group of safelists. Example: Harmony Mails only allow 3 open emails, so I have to interrupt my clicking after I have opened 3 emails. With its own label, I will only be focused on Harmony Mails and it will not be so distracting.

For Global Safelists, I sometimes have to go to their website to click for a cash bonus, another distraction.

And, for LAS, [Leased Ad Space] I am regularly either having to click on a captcha form to verify I am real and waiting for 2 timers, thus its own label is helpful.

Above each individual email in Gmail, you have little tags for various actions you can take on each email:

archive   Report Spam   Delete Mark as Unread Snooze Move to labels

At the end of this list is labels – to the right of labels are three small dots, one atop the other. Click on these three dots and then click on Filter messages like these. After you reach the next page, just go to lower right and click on Create Filter.

Then, on the page that opens, check the box on the left that reads Skip the Inbox. Then, go down the page and put a check in the box to the left of Apply the Label and click the down arrow to the right of where it says Choose label.

You then want to select the LABEL you want all future emails from this safelist to go into.

After you have chosen the LABEL, go to lower right and click on CREATE FILTER.

Any emails from that safelist that are in your inbox right now will not go into this label, but all future emails will go into this specially created label. Same actions I describe here will apply to any other specific filters you create for any other safelists.

I hope this will help you in organizing your safelists in a more efficient manner. I have many more great tips I will be sharing with you in upcoming articles about safelisting.

Thank you for reading this and Happy Safelisting!

Here are some helpful resources on creating the list filter I am describing here. I hope these will be of help to you.

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