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Welcome to GDI Team Elite [#1]


My name is John Vance and I am from California!

Anyway, we are happy to have you on our team!

THANK YOU for joining!


Below explains how our GDI Team Elite works.

I will be sending the other emails to you on what

we need to do to get your business to start growing,



This is the first of those emails to help you learn how

this all works.


Please go at your own pace while going through them.

If there is something you do not understand, please

ask me.


Below is an attachment of what we send to all new



Please whitelist (add to your contacts) the email

addresses below:



Contact name: John Vance


In Gmail, simply click on the drop-down arrow at the

top right of this email and select:


Add to contacts list

(this will vary in other email providers).


Once you have added the email address to your

contacts, simply click the link below and send.



I will be sending you additional information on

how to get started, later on today.

Look for these emails with these Subject Lines:  

    • Welcome to GDI Team Elite and Here is Your Team Link
    • GDI Team Elite – Tips and Advertising Information
    • GDI Team Elite News+Ad Copy
    • Team Elite Banners to Use
    • More things I Need to Tell You


Please read all of the information and save all of the

emails we send to you.  That way, you can look at them

anytime you want. 


There are a lot of advertising suggestions and links

in these emails. (Look in your spam folder if you

think you haven’t received them).


The advertising emails have sites [links] in them

that our team members use every day to promote

their team splash page. 


These emails can be a little confusing when you

first join. 


Please do not think you have to join all of the

advertising sites in them.   Any time you need 

additional advertising information,  just get in

touch with me.


Your personal Team Elite tracking link will be

provided to you in the next email.


While you are waiting for us to create your team

link. you can take a look at the brief description

of how our team works!


This is an explanation of how the Team Elite system



  1. You join our team – Our GDI Team


  1. We place you in a collective advertising

system/rotator – FREE!


  1. Everyone in the rotator, in groups of 6 or more,

advertise together.  There are several common splash

pages that are promoted to gain prospects.


  1. To be eligible for signups, you will need to maintain

1000 hits or more every week.  You must also be

communicating regularly with your team leader.


  1. Your team leader monitors your hits. If you aren't

hitting your weekly quota, it will take longer to get

your signups.


  1. If you do your share of the advertising, you will get

your first 6 signups in the course of time.


So, team advertising benefits all team members.

Your team leader coordinates everything, and works

very hard to get you started.


Once you get your 6, we will then teach you how to

become a team leader.  We will help you set up your

own rotator and then you will be off and running,

exploding your business.


We will never abandon you. We will always help

You. We will always train you.  We will always be

there for you.


We have no competition out there, nobody. There is

absolutely nobody that offers what GDI Team Elite

offers for FREE!


Most people cannot market GDI effectively on their

own! That’s why we are here for you 100%.


Best Regards,


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