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GDI Team Advertising Sites [[#4]

From: John Vance

Letter 4: Advertising Tips and Ad Sites

GDI Team Elite (4th Letter) Advertising Sites

Below are the Tools for Advertising Traffic Exchange and Safelist sites that you can  use to promote your team link (in blue). 

Most are FREE to join. 

You do not have to join everything I have here. They are just advertising ideas.

 Please do not feel you have to join them all at once.  

Just go at your own pace starting with just one or two at a time.     

If you have other sites you want to use besides the ones listed, then by all means use them.  

And most of all - have fun with it.  

Of course, you can use or join other sites I don’t have here.  My first suggestion is to join FreeAdvertisingForYou

This is the ultimate Traffic Site. We get a LOT of quality hits from this site. You can get a FREE PRO MEMBERSHIP here. They give 10,000 credits a week Promo Code after you earn Pro Membership!


A good next option is that you could use Referral Frenzy to make mailing quick and easy (again, optional, link shown below):

Referral frenzy is a list where you can post to many safelists with one click and they give you 80,000 credits for all your sites per month.  It does cost 15.00 a month, but it is well worth it.  

Referral Frenzy will allow you to mail to 89 sites with just a few clicks! My sponsor and Coach, Albie uses it every week.

Use this link to join:

Lastly here is a link to a complete list of my best safelists:

Don’t forget, have fun with this!


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